FIRST LOOK: Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' Teases Us With JGL

Dear World,

I must admit, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become one of those actors that I'll pretty much watch in anything. He's charismatic, thoroughly invested in his roles and just seems like a person I would love to hang out with. So to hear that he's doing a movie with Oliver Stone at the helm...that's just a must-see right there. Here's our first look at Snowden, due out December 25, 2015. Check out the synopsis below:

In Academy Award®-winning director Oliver Stone’s International thriller, “SNOWDEN,” witness Joseph Gordon-Levitt embody Edward Snowden.  In this first look, before he was a whistle-blower, Edward was an ordinary man who unquestioningly served his country. “SNOWDEN” is currently shooting in Munich, before moving to locations around the world.
Sounds interesting! Can't wait to see it.

Love, Toni

Ms. Toni

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