Wheelchair Jimmy & JT....y'all just need to shut up and sing.

Dear Drake & Justin Timberlake,

It appears that both of you are suffering from the same affliction at the moment. Drake, I have to admit your singing voice isn't that great. But you do have a basic understanding of staying on beat and in tune. I'm thinking if you got voice lessons and cultivated your singing voice, you'd be pretty decent. Kind of Cee-Lo like or Phonte-esque.

However, you won't let your R&B side be great because you insist on being a rapper. *sigh* Bruh. Just. Naw. Your rapping voice is nasally and your rhymes are too Lil Wayne influenced. And besides, you tend to rap about all of the unfortunate pusswah you fall into. Please, let this go.

And Justin...I mean, I just don't get why you didn't just sing on the single for FreeSol, from your record label. We really don't believe in hardcore rappin Jay. AND you slipped in a side-handed diss at Janet?? Absolutely not. Mike is gonna haunt your dreams, yo. Just go on back to making us damp in the panties, OK?

Love, Toni

Ms. Toni

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