Why you mad, tho?

Dear Dallas Cowboys Haters,

Listen. I need you all to take a minute to relax, relate and release.  Every time the Cowboys play a game, you all are ready to go for the jugular.  And if the Cowboys lose, you start going in with Romo jokes mostly, then you might bring up a few other players names.  And if the Cowboys win, you STILL go in with "it's just one win" or "that was a messy game" or *insert some other statement that says Cowboys fans just can't be great. AT. ALL.* More words after the jump...

Some of you are friends and loved ones of mine.  And I have MUCH love for you. Don't get me wrong.  And I say this will all the love and realness I have in my soul:


This is why I say this.  You see that picture up there?  Yeah. THAT SHITE IS TRUE. We haven't been a REAL threat in the league in a long arse time.  But you STEADILY come at us like we been winning the Superbowl for the last decade, plus stole your lunch AND called your momma a biatch.


Really?  It's not our fault that the Cowboys have the title of America's Team. It's not our fault that if you ask someone from another country about American Football that "The Dallas Cowboys" will be their first thought 95% of the time.  It's not our fault that kids from anywhere in the country will name the Cowboys as their team they'd love to play for one day.  That ish is just all clever marketing from the start of the franchise. Don't hate the player; hate the game and the marketing team.

I mean, I can't say more than "I'm a Cowboys fan" before I'm met with unsolicited slander and disses. I mean...I'm more than happy to sit here and listen. Obviously you have a deep hurt and need to get some things off your chest.  I promise I won't even tell you that all the jokes your telling me are just years and years of the same recycled material & mostly I laugh because I remember the last time you said it as well.

I promise. I'll listen. You can get it off your chest. And I'll be the first one to admit that our record hasn't been much of anything.  But I'll also point out that despite a horrible record, the Cowboys will always affect you and be in your thoughts.  That's really part of the reason I don't return slander for slander. Because I just am not aware of your team enough to even make a statement.



Love, Toni

Ms. Toni

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  1. I'd like to create a similar post about Apple and AT&T haters.. "who hurt you at AT&T"? LOL I mean seriously! I don't get it.

  2. Great post. But I also think its one of those things where an extreme on one end of the spectrum, means an extreme on the other side. The Cowboys have had so many great teams, and you just have to love them so much, that when they screw up,(and they do often) it hurts so much that you it breeds a contempt. Maybe a lot of the Cowboy "haters" are actually fans that have been scared so bad and are actually in a I'll believe it when I see it mode.


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